Laughter Therapy

In the 80s and 90s, Priyadarshni Academy was the pioneering force behind the idea of Laughter Clubs around the world. The concept of de-stressing through laughter is part of India’s age-old Yogic tradition, known as Hasya Yoga.

Mr Nanik Rupani founded the Priyadarshni Laughter Club International, and was pleasantly surprised at how, within a short time, laughter clubs quickly sprung up not just within Mumbai and all over India, but also gathered momentum internationally and spread to USA, UK, Japan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, etc. It caught the attention of the global media as well. Mr. Rupani found himself talking to the BBC channel about this phenomenon! Says he, “I told the media that case studies involving 1500 volunteers, showed a reduction in blood pressure, migraine and many other health issues.”

Seeing so much interest in the subject, the Academy published the book Laughter Therapy - Information Guide to Hasyayog.