Environment Protection

India’s core cultural value system embraces ecological sensitivity. Nature is worshipped as Prakriti and a manifestation of goddess energy, or Shakti. While industrialized society studied nature to exploit her, ancient Indian civilizations always sought to respect her.

Way back in 1992, the Academy started a forum to tackle garbage dumping into the sea, locate waste management solutions, control traffic pollution and supported an awareness campaign to protect the environment.

In addition to dialogues with global leaders in sustainable development, like Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, Mr. Rupani also arranged to screen former United States Vice President Al Gore’s acclaimed documentary, An Inconvenient Truth: A Global Warning twice over; once with the IMC Chamber of Commerce & Industry and once with the US Consul General. The Academy had instituted ‘Afforestation Awards’ early in its history, to create mass consciousness and support those leading ‘plant more trees’ initiatives.

As the former Indian Prime Minister, Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi used to say, “If you have to pull down 100 trees [for a building project], you must instinctively deem it your responsibility to plant 200. This is a practical need.” It is with pride we saw how, in 2022, India has taken the lead globally to ‘Save Soil’ from losing its rich organic content, with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev taking this message to 27 countries in 100 days.

Today with forest fires raging through the United States and Europe becoming a frightful annual reminder of climate change, we must all do our best to preserve and grow new forests.