Disaster Relief

Whenever disaster of any kind has struck in India – be it communal riots, terrorist attacks, earthquakes, droughts or floods - the Academy has endeavored to donate and raise funds to assist the most vulnerable.

While the mid-80s saw donations for drought relief, the early 90s saw members of the Academy visit and aid bomb blast victims of Mumbai at the St George’s hospital. Donations of essential food items and even equipment for the storage and refrigeration of blood was organized.

The Latur earthquake struck many a vulnerable family in the state of Maharashtra and the Academy donated funds to help victims get back on their feet. Similarly, when floods affected students in 2005, the Academy extended financial aid to students of both the University of Mumbai and SNDT University.

But easily the most shocking manmade disaster of them all struck Mumbai in 2008 – the 26/11 terrorist attack that wiped out 175 lives and left over 300 injured in just a matter of hours. The Academy donated funds to ‘Give India’ in 2010, to assist families of staff members at the Oberoi hotel, who lost their lives in the attack.