Scholarship Recipients - 2023

The Academy has, since its inception, put access to educational opportunities based on merit, as one of its foremost priorities. Helping the underprivileged overcome financial obstacles, Priyadarshni Academy offers scholarships to deserving, bright young students for pursuing dream careers in Medicine, Engineering, IT, and other specializations. Even during the recent Pandemic years, while a lot of the Academy’s usual activities came to a pause, a total of close to 700 scholarships were still bestowed on deserving young students. Along with that, the Academy has not only given a helping hand to those who have no means to support their learning process but also provided great impetus to individuals to excel in their chosen fields. Through its 38 years of service to humanity, Priyadarshni Academy has bestowed more than 10,000 young lives with the light of a well-deserved education through its scholarships.