We're thrilled to announce the successful culmination of our 40th Anniversary Literary Award and Educational Scholarship Ceremony at Priyadarshni Academy! This prestigious event witnessed the gracious presence of Mr. Jyotiprasad Taparia, Founder-Chairman of Famy Care Group, as our esteemed Chief Guest. Alongside honoring academic excellence and promoting Indian languages, we unveiled the 40th Anniversary special edition Priyadarshini Academy profile, showcasing some glimpses of our four-decade journey of service to humanity.

Serving India: The Rise Of A ‘Tomorrow Nation’

India is a young, ‘tomorrow’ nation – literally. More than 50 percent of her population is below the age of 25. Now imagine how powerful a nation India could be, if the light of education and a drive for uplifting infrastructure and spreading progressive ideas, touched many more disadvantaged people’s lives. Priyadarshni Academy, founded on September 19, 1984, stands as a true example of how a socio-cultural and educational organization should function in a country as full of potential as India with its vast social, cultural and spiritual diversity. Mr. Nanik Rupani, the Founder-Chairman, founded this institution with the motto, ‘Service to Humanity is the Best Work of Life,’ with a host of like-minded individuals. The organization grew from strength to strength in its initiative. On September 19, 2013, Mr Niranjan Hiranandani, Founder and MD Hiranandani Constructions, took over the Chairman’s role of Priyadarshni Academy, while Mr Nanik Rupani chose to become the Chairman Emeritus. Over time, Priyadarshni Academy has become the formal, multi-pronged platform which has channelised efforts to serve humanity in a systematic and orderly way.

Educational Scholarships For The Under-Priviledged

The Academy has, since its inception, put access to educational opportunities based on merit, as one of its foremost priorities. Helping the underprivileged overcome financial obstacles, Priyadarshni Academy offers scholarships to deserving, bright young students for pursuing dream careers in Medicine, Engineering, IT, and other specializations. Even during the recent Pandemic years, while a lot of the Academy’s usual activities came to a pause, a total of close to 700 scholarships were still bestowed on deserving young students. Through its 40 years of service to humanity, Priyadarshni Academy has bestowed more than 10,000 young lives with the light of a well-deserved education through its scholarships.

A Glittering Global Awards Program

The momentous Global Awards Program is a signature event of the Academy. Now nearly four decades on, the program has grown into becoming one of the rare internationally recognized humanitarian awards, instituted in India. It was always Mr Rupani’s dream to create an award that would stand as tall as the globally revered Nobel Prize, and the Priyadarshni Academy Global Awards are indeed viewed by many leaders as Asia’s very own Nobel awards. The power and credibility of the Priyadarshni Academy Global Awards, are reflected in the illustrious roster of dignitaries and super-achievers of both national and international repute, who have graced the occasion, over the years. Awards have been given in the categories of Business Leadership, Environment Conservation, Humanitarian Work, Corporate Social Responsibility, Science and Technology and various other fields.

Distinctive Publications: Presenting Indian Wisdom To The World

The Academy is also committed to promoting the brilliance of ancient Indian wisdom to an international audience through the publication of books. The immense popularity of its special publication “Kautilya’s Arthashastra: The Way of Financial Management and Economic Governance,” led to the book getting translated into a good number of foreign and Indian languages, and the book has been truly inspirational to leaders of various states and nations.