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Priyadarshni Laughter Club was invited by The Open International University of Complementary Medicines, a prestigious international organisation recognised by the United Nations, to present a symposium and a workshop on Laughter Therapy at the World Congress for Integrating Healing Methods held at Colombo from November 25th to December 2nd, 1997.

Mr Nanik Rupani, Chairman of the Academy, was conferred with a doctorate as an acknowledgement of his contribution to alternative medicine at the World Congress. The Doctorate was presented to Shri Rupani at Bandaranaike Memorial Hall at Colombo on 28th of November,  1997  by  Dr. Anton Jayasuriya,  Chairperson of The Open International University amidst resounding applause from more than 900 delegates from over 100 countries at a glittering ceremony.

At this prestigious International Conference, experts from over 100 countries presented papers on systems of alternative and traditional medicine practised in their respective countries for thousands of years.

Experts on the panel of PLCI (Privadarshni Laughter Club International) Mr. Nanik Rupani, Mr.Kishore Kuvavala and Dr. Siddhartha Khandwala presented research work papers on various aspects of Laughter Therapy and Laughing Movement. In the symposium entitled "Laughter - The Elixir of Life", Mr Rupani and Mr Kuvavala put forth before the gathering of international experts, the research work findings on various aspects of Laughter Therapy, including the origin, re-discovery and revival of this concept, its emotional, social and psychological impacts, its global relevance in the contemporary society and progress of the Laughing Movement. Dr. Khandwala presented his research on medical benefits of Laughter Therapy.

The above mentioned experts and other members of the delegation conducted a workshop consisting of a live demonstration of the laughing session and various scientifically evolved types of laughter techniques.

The presentation of the symposium and the workshop on Laughter Therapy by the experts of PLCI (Priyadarshni Laughter Club International) for a distinguished global audience on an international platform provided a great boost to the Laughing Movement and worked to increase awareness about this wonderful natural therapy, which is a gift to humankind, world-wide, as it generated great interest and enthusiasm amongst the participants.