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All the members of the Laughter Club gather at a fixed time in the morning in an open area such as a garden and stand in a circle or semicircle with the anchor person in the middle. He/She gives commands to initiate various types of laughter and deep breathing exercises.

Breathing, Stretching Exercise
The session starts with deep breathing & stretching exercise, which is done 3 times. People take a deep breath, simultaneously raising their hands up towards the sky, keeping elbows straight. The breath is held for a few seconds while stretching the body. The breath is then released slowly taking double the time than that of inhalation. This breathing stretching exercise resembles tadasna in yoga.


Techniques of Laughter
The laughter recommended is "SUGAR" for positive health.
S - Spontaneous
U - Unprovoked
G - Group
A - Action
R - Remedy
for positive health


The laughter session consists of the following :
 Warm up Laughter
The anchor person says 1-2-3 and group members start chanting "Ha Ha", "Hey-Hey" rhythmically. The tempo is gradually increased and at its peak, members burst out into a gentle laughter. Members look at each other's faces and move about and slap each other's hands, thus reinforcing their laughter. This lasts for about 30 to 45 seconds.

The members then relax their bodies by stretching their hands and bodies upward, going up on their feet, at the same time taking a deep breath. After holding this position for some time they exhale and relax their bodies. This is "Tadasan". This is repeated between each laughter.

 Hearty Vigorous Laughter
The second laughter is Hearty Vigorous Laughter. Here, members open their mouth widely and laugh heartily and vigorously moving their hands as well as slapping each other's hands and looking at each other's faces. This is a powerful aerobic exercise. It usually lasts for 30 to 45 seconds. It is followed by " Tadasan" It is often called as "Patiala" laughter

  Silent 'Joker's Laughter
This is the third laughter. This is the same as the previous laughter but without any sound. It is thus a vigorous but silent laughter. It is colloquially called "Joker's Laughter", There is vigorous churning of the air in the lungs. This also lasts for 30 to 45 seconds and it is followed by "Tadasan"

  Etiquette Office Laughter
This is the fourth laughter. Here, members keep their lips shut and laugh gently internally making a humming sound like a pigeon or a bee. This is how one would laugh in the office or social function. This also lasts for 30 to 45 seconds and is followed by "Tadasan". This is colloquially called "Pigeon Laughter".

In each laughter, people move about, slap their hands and thus reinforce their laughter. The anchor person initiates each laughter by command 1-2-3.

It is preferable to combine exercises with laughter session. One good regime is to perform gentle shoulder, arms, forearms and finger exercises in the first half followed by a laughter session. In the second half, one performs gentle exercises of spine, hips, knee, ankles and abdomen. This is followed by second laughter session. These exercises are gentle exercises of the various joints to keep them mobile and make the spine supple.

This whole schedule lasts for half hour and should preferably be done in the morning in an open area such as garden.