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"What is the right time to start a laughing session?" " Can I do it in the evening after I return from work?" "Must I go to a public garden for the therapy, can't I just do it at home?". These are common queries that people eager to be part of the laughter therapy movement ask. You can laugh anytime you want, but to get the best results out of laughter therapy, there are certain rules as regards place and time.

  Ideal Time
Ideally, a laughing session must take place in the morning. Most clubs have their session between 6 and 7 o'clock in the morning, according to the convenience of their participants. Why must it be done only in the mornings? There are many reasons for this. It is always better to start the day with laughter. It keeps you in good spirits throughout the day. It energises you, raises your spirits and keeps you in a good mood till it is time to retire to bed.

When one wakes up, one's body is usually stiff and tired. This is the right time to stretch and exercise the body. Yoga too is ideally performed at the time of sunrise. So the practice of 'Hasya Yoga' or laughter therapy must take place at about the same time.

Pollution is least in the mornings and so while laughing you manage to get the freshest air you are likely to get throughout the day. This is an added benefit of doing your laughter therapy in the morning.

By the time it is evening, people are so tired that they do not have the strength to smile, let alone laugh. Hence, it is best to have laughing sessions in the morning.

It is best not to do the therapy in the house. Not only will it disturb the other family members and neighbours, but you will not be able to laugh freely either, due to deeply rooted inhibitions. It is basically a group therapy.

A public place is the best, but make sure it is away from any residential areas so that the public peace is not disturbed. A garden or a school ground is ideal. The open air assures a good supply of air and oxygen.

Laughing in a public place encourages others around to join the session. You thus spread the laughter message and happiness. In public places, large groups can assemble and the presence of a crowd makes laughing easier.

  Morning Walkers and Laughter Therapy
A morning walk and a laughter therapy session are complementary to each other. Both take place in the morning and in a public place and hence it is ideal for walkers to have a session either at the beginning or at the end of their walks. They can also use the laughing session as an interval. Morning walkers are health conscious people and can easily form a laughter club to add to their health-related activities.

By making laughter a part of your morning walk, you make the session a part of your routine without the bother of specially finding a particular time for laughing. Thus the ritual becomes regular and you become healthier.