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Priyadarshni Laughter Club International is a division of Priyadarshni Academy, which is a prominent socio-cultural educational organization of Mumbai. The Academy under the inspiring guidance of its Chairman Mr. Nanik Rupani has been working in Mumbai since the last 14 years. Some of its most prominent activities include promotion of fine arts, sports, environment protection, prevention of drug addiction, scholarships to poor and meritorious students, and nutrition aid to the underprivileged.

The Academy has always been in the forefront of taking up causes relevant to different sections of society. In the same spirit, on the proposal of Shri Kishore Kuvavala, the Academy organized and sponsored a Laughing Competition on April 14, 1996 at Priyadarshni Park, Mumbai. It received an unprecedented response with the participation of hundreds of people and a wide coverage by print and visual media, with international TV channels like the BBC, CNN, Zee TV, ATN, Sky TV and Doordarshan National Network telecasting it worldwide.

The Competition suddenly put the concept and the practice of laughter Therapy on the world map. It provided a big boost to the Laughing Movement and succeeded in creating wide ranging awareness about it, resulting in a constant inflow of inquiries from within India and from different countries.

It was in response to the overwhelming enthusiasm of people to this concept, that the Academy decided to start its new division Priyadarshni Laughter Club International, to take the concept far and wide. It was started on June 26, 1996. Shri Kishore Kuvavala is its Chairman and Dr. Siddhartha Khandwala is the Vice-Chairman. Since then, the Laughing Movement has progressed tremendously. Our experts have personally guided the opening of various branches in different parts of India and abroad. There are at present about 500 Laughter Clubs in India, several in London, and a few in the USA, with plans afoot for the same in other countries. In India, the movement has been joined by many distinguished personalities-educationists, top civil servants, leading medical practitioners, and industrialists, among others.

Our Aims and Objectives are :

To make people aware of both physical and mental health.
To discover the benefits of laughter therapy on normal individuals and those suffering from stress related diseases.
To encourage the general public to come out of their inhibitions and achieve self-confidence.
To spread the message of good health and fitness all over the world.
To impart practical training in laughter therapy in a group on a daily basis.
To promote laughter therapy all over the world through practical demonstrations and workshops by a team of experts from various parts of the country and abroad.
To organise workshops, seminars and conferences on laughter therapy and health campaigns.

Under One Umbrella
The convention of Laughter Clubs held on January 18, 1997, was one of our significant endeavors, in which about 600 delegates from various Laughter Clubs of Mumbai and all over India gathered together on the lawns of Radio Club, Mumbai. This was the first step in attaining the ultimate goal of bringing all Laughter Clubs under one umbrella, so as to take the laughing Movement forward with the collective strength of all the Laughter Clubs, and the implementation of a uniform and scientifically correct method to practice Laughter Therapy.

Laughter Therapy Research
Priyadarshni Laughter Club International feels proud that its constant efforts have helped to increase awareness about this priceless natural concept. New Laughter Clubs were started in Mumbai at Sion, Matunga, Carmichael Road, Ladies Club of Amersons as well as at Kopergaon and Malegaon. Talks and Demonstrations of laughter therapy were presented by Shri Kuvavala, Dr. Khandwala and their colleagues in Mumbai at various organisations like Giants International, State Trading Corporation of lndia, Bank of Baroda, Canara Bank, H. R. College, Thadomal College of Engineering and at the branches of lions Club, Rotary Club, Mahalaxmi Ladies Club, Prempuri Ashram and Indian Banks Association, Vile Parle Ladies Club, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, St. Lukes Medical Guild, Mahila Mandal Programme of All India Radio, etc.