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     Priyadarshni Academy organized 2 visits of a group of Japanese students from Osaka University, Department of Oriental studies, Japan, to Mumbai in 1998 and 1999. These students, who learn Hindi language and Literature at Osaka University, presented plays in Hindi at Jai Hindi college and Nehru Centre.

   Their unique and impressive performances directed by Prof. Tomio Mizokami received great appreciation and critical acclaim from the audience and media alike. The visits were great opportunities for both India and Japanese for interaction and cultural exchange.


Prof. Tomio Mizokami of Japan introducing
his cast of players for the Hindi Play.

A Japanese troupe of 18 students under the guidance of Prof. Tomio Mizokami performed two plays in Hindi in Mumbai. It was a rare treat for the theatre lovers. The troupe consisted of Japanese students of Hindi literature from Osaka University of Oriental studies.

The first performance was held on 4th January 1998 in collaboration with Jai Hind College at its auditorium at 6.00 p.m. The Academy and M.M.K. college hosted the next performance in collaboration with Nehru Centre on 5th January 1998 at Nehru Centre auditorium.

The group staged renowned Hindi plays "PARDA UTHNE SE PAHLE" by Rajendra Kumar Sharma and "PYAR KAISE HOTA HAI" by Ramashankar Nishesh. Both the plays had social themes with a comic touch. The group's performance of these plays in Japan had received significant media attention and widespread acclaim. On 2nd March 1999, Priyadarshni hosted the second visit of 14 Japanese students of Osaka University under its cultural exchange programme. The group headed by

The group of Osaka University students from Japan who presented a Play in Hindi at Nehru Centre, on 2nd March, 1999 organized by the Academy under its cultural exchange programme. Seen in the picture (2nd from Left) Ms. Charu Singh, CEO of the Academy, Ms. Shabina Patel, Manager Public Affairs, & Prof. Tomio Mizokami, Leader of Japanese group.

Pro. Mizokami performed a Hindi Play " KAYA KALP", a social comedy, at Nehru Centre, Mumbai to a greatly enthusiastic response from the audience.

A scene from the Hindi Play "KAYA KALP", performed by the Japanese students of
Osaka University, at Nehru Centre on 2nd March, 1999.
The Academy was happy to host these goodwill visits and performances of Hindi Plays by the Japanese students in Mumbai. They received great appreciation from the discerning audience as well as critical acclaim from Media for the uniqueness of concept as well as impressive presentation. It was also a great opportunity for Indian and Japanese students for active inter-action and cultural exchange.