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Find a place in your locality where people can assemble early in the morning when they go for a walk. It can either be a public garden, a ground or a beach. The advantage of selecting such a place is that you can combine your laughter therapy session with your morning walk. You may have a laughing cum exercise session of about 30 minutes' duration before or after your walk.

Also, it is easier to gather a large number of people at such places. The chosen place should not be in the immediate vicinity of residen -tial complexes so as to prevent any disturbance to others. It is not advisable to have such sessions in residential premises either.

The ideal time to start a laughing session is between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. Small adjustments can be made according to the convenience of the participants. The advantage of laughing in the morning is 30 minutes of laughter cum exercise in the morning keeps you in good spirits throughout the day. It energizes your body and charges you with happiness. Moreover, pollution levels are lowest in the morning and this ensures a good supply of relatively fresh air.

Morning walks and laughter therapy sessions are complementary to each other and the benefits of both can be experienced together, at the same place and time of the day.

Organize a group of at least 25 people (the larger the number of people, the easier it is to laugh) Get in touch with Shri Kishore Kuvavala. Chairman of Priyadarshni Laughter Club International. We will organize a team of experts who will come to your area for a demonstration of various techniques of Laughter Therapy. We will also train some persons from your group as Anchor Persons, who give commands to initiate different kinds of laughter.

Since Laughter as a Therapy need to be carefully monitored by medical experts, it is important that all the laughter groups be trained in a scientific manner, and there has to be a uniform format of a laughing session without any diversions or irregularities, which should be followed by all the groups for best results. Many groups have made some changes in the laughing exercises on their own which may not be effective.

The expenses of conveyance, boarding and lodging of the team of experts will be borne by the organizing group. Apart from these, there are no charges involved either for the demonstration provided or in the form of a membership fee.

Persons residing in places other than Mumbai in India, who wish to start a laughter club in their area, should seek an appointment at least one month in advance.If you cannot afford the expenses of the team, you can approach social organisations like the Rotary, Lions and Jaycees or Corporate houses, and philanthropists to sponsor the effort in the public interest.