One of Priyadarshni Academy's main endeavours is to promote and reward talent and accomplishment, especially those of our youth, who may not always have the ways and means to fruitify them. During the period of 1996 - 98, the Academy persevered in this responsibility of assisting such persons. In addition to the scholarships awarded at the Academy's 12th Bi-Annual Function to B.Ed., Engineering and Medical students, many deserving and needy students were granted Financial Aid to continue with their studies in India and some received Travel Aid to go abroad for further studies.

July 10, 1998

An amount of, Rs. 2,500/- was given to Mr. Ajit Talgaonkar, a brilliant student of Engineering who has obtained an admission to the Graduate College of the Oklahoma State University, to undertake a master's programme in the field of Industrial Engineering and Management. The assistance was forwarded to Mr. Talgaonkar to help him fulfill his dreams of pursuing his academic career further.

June 11, 1998

Ms. Leena Inder Bhatia received the educational assistance of Rs. 1,045/- to enable her to meet the expenses of college admission fees.

June 6, 1998

Mr. Deepak Ramchandani who had to undergo major surgery at Bombay Hospital was given a financial assistance of Rs.10,000/- by the Academy to help him in meeting the expenses of the expensive medical treatment.

May 27, 1998

Mr. Nanik Rupani was the Guest of Honour at the inauguration of Children's Garden organised by the Police Quarters, Lonavala. On behalf of Priyadarshni Academy he donated an amount of Rs. 25,000/- to help this worthy project materialize in keeping with our tradition of assisting the cause of education and child welfare.

April 16, 1998
Priyadarshni Academy assisted Dr. S. Rangoonwala with an assistance of Rs.2,500/- to help her in meeting the goal of participating in the Fourth Workshop on Bisphosphonates - From the Laboratory to the Patient, held at Davos, Switzerland from March 18 to 20, 1998. The participation in the Conference enabled Dr. Rangoonwala to have excess to the information about the latest technologies in medical treatment.
February 25, 1998

A second additional special scholarship for the year 1998 instituted by Priyadarshni Academy has been sponsored by Mr. Ramesh Tulsiani of Suman Ramesh Tulsiani Charitable Trust. The amount of Rs. 10,000/ - of the above mentioned scholarship has been given to Mr. Shailesh Bhojraj, a student of 2nd Year of Mechanical at Mr. Govindram Saksariya Institute of Technology and Science, Indore. This scholarship would assist Mr. Bhojraj in realising his aspiration to be an IAS Officer.

January 29, 1998

Priyadarshni Academy sponsored Bhagawati Navani Award of Rs.1,000/- which was given to Mr. Ghanshyam Vaswani for the year 1998.

December 9, 1997

The first installment of "Kala Gopaldas Mahbubani Memorial Scholarship" of Rs.5,000/- was given to Ms. Manisha Preetam, a student of first year MBBS at G. S. Medical College, Mumbai. Ms. Preetam has won many merit scholarships throughout her academic career. The remaining amount of the scholarship will be given on the culmination of the second semester. The scholarship is aimed to realise her dream of excelling in the world of medicine.

December 8, 1997

The first installment of "Kala Gopaldas Mahbubani Memorial Scholarship" of Rs,5,000/- has been given to Mr. Deepak Motwani, The above mentioned scholarship is for the first semester. Mr. Motwani is studying to be a Chartered Accountant. The remaining amount will be given at the end of the second semester on screening the academic results of the First semester.

November 19, 1997

A third installment of the scholarship of Rs.750/- per month was granted to Mr. Deepak Motwani for the month of November, 1997.The Academy instituted two additional special scholarships of Rs.10,000/- each for the year 1998 for bright and needy students. The first scholarship "Kala Gopaldas Mahbubani Memorial Scholarship" of the amount of Rs.10,000/- has been sponsored by Mr. G. B. Mahbubani, a prominent NRI from Hong Kong, Chairman, Intra Group (Holdings) Company Inc. It shall be given every year to deserving students.

October 21, 1997

Mr. Deepak Motwani received an amount of Rs.750/- for the month of October, 1997 in continuation of the scholarship granted to him.

October 13, 1997

An amount of Rs. 250/- was given to Mr. Maharaj Manohar, an elderly citizen as financial assistance.

September 15, 1997

A scholarship of Rs.750/- was given to Mr. Deepak Bhojraj Motwani who is studying for F.Y. B.Com at Symbiosis College, Pune and simultaneously doing C.A., Foundation course to assist him in his quest for excellence in his academic career.

August 21, 1997

Ms. Sonal Sawant a student of MMS at MGM Institute of Management Study and Research was sanctioned educational assistance of Rs.4,000/- in keeping with the Academy's aim of helping worthy and needy students to fulfill their academic dreams of excellence in their respective spheres.

April 21, 1997

Financial assistance of Rs.5,000/- was given to Mrs. A. K. Chandy for her daughter baby Nisha Chandy. The assistance was forwarded to Mrs. Chandy to enable her to provide her daughter, who is mentally retarded, a suitable medical treatment and professional help.

April 7, 1997

Mrs. Kaushalya Eknath Gaikwad was given a medical relief of Rs. 3,000/-. Mrs. Gaikwad was suffering from Lukemia and required urgent medical treatment.

March 18, 1997

The Academy contributed Rs. 7,500/- towards sponsorship of message boards of Clean Mumbai Foundation. The boards as part of Cleanness Awareness Programme Project containing the messages to keep Mumbai clean were displayed at various places in Mumbai.

February 19, 1997

Priyadarshni Academy contributed Rs.2,500/- to Bimal Roy Memorial Fund as advertisement support for Bimal Roy Memorial Committee souvenir published on February 6th, 1997, to keep the memory of the profound work of late Mr. Bimal Roy alive within us.

February 2, 1997

In its endeavor to promote Culture and National Integration, Priyadarshni Academy contributed Rs. 25,000/- towards the sponsorship of National Integration Mela organised during National Integration Camp "Sankalp-97" hosted by the K. C. College on behalf of University of Mumbai.

January 20, 1997

R.D. National College G W.A. Science College, Mumbai, organized the "Festival of India" during the College's Annual 'Blow Fest' programme held on December 22-24, 1996. Priyadarshni Academy provided Rs. 5,000 towards the sponsorship of the Event.

December 26, 1996

Smt. Mithibai Motiram Kundnani College of Commerce & Economics, Bandra, is one of the leading Commerce colleges in Mumbai. Towards helping all commerce students, besides serving as a motivation exercise, the College organized an inter-college Economics Convention in November-December 1996. Prizes were awarded to best participating teams, outstanding speakers etc. Priyadarshni Academy was glad to sponsor the prizes, which aggregated to Rs. 5,000.

December 9, 1996

Nivara Hakk Welfare Centre was paid Rs. 1,200 for diaries (1997) towards welfare of slum dwellers.

November 28, 1996

Mr. Ravi Raheja, a 24 year old student, held a full time job in addition to pursuing further studies at the Institute of Technology G Management, Mumbai. Being academically brilliant, Ravi was selected by the New Hampshire College, USA, for their MBA programme. The Academy granted Ravi Rs. 5,000 towards his pursuit of higher studies abroad.

November 26, 1996

Sixteen year old Sunita Sirlgh, who comes from a low-income family, suffered from a serious cardiovascular disorder, which could be corrected by surgery. As the family's financial resources were already strained, Priyadarshni Academy was glad to extend assistance of Rs. 1,000 towards the Operation.

September 25, 1996

Ashtamudra Pratishthan is a primary school which looks after the welfare of some 200 poor and destitute children, some of whom are orphans. A sum of Rs. 5,000 was contributed to the School towards the education of these underprivileged children.

September 19, 1996

Ms. Jalpa Divaker Dixit was presented with Priyadarshni's Fr. Aurelius Maschio Scholarship (English Medium), along with a cash prize of Rs. 3,000. Rs. 2,000 will be given to her on completing and passing the course in the normal tenure and obtaining a Ist class.

September 19, 1996

Ms. Geeta Singh was awarded Priyadarshni's Fr. Aurelius Maschio Scholarship (Hindi Medium), and was given a cash prize of Rs. 3,000. Rs. 2,000 which will be given to her on completing and passing the course in the normal tenure and obtaining a First class.

September 19, 1996

Mr. Mukesh Bharat Bopalkar was conferred upon Priyadarshni's Mr. Dada K.T. Shahani Memorial Scholarship, with cash prize of Rs. 10,000.

September 19, 1996

Mr. Deodatt Dilip Bawachkar was awarded Priyadarshni's Doulatram Mangtani Memorial Scholarship, with cash prize of Rs. 5,000.

July 18, 1996

Shahzed Lehry, a bright and disciplined youngster from H.R. College, Mumbai, has won laurels in the sports field for his College. He also excels in Karate, for which he- received an invitation from Osaka, Japan to represent India at the 34th Seishinkai International Karate Tournament that was held on August 16-20, 1996. The Academy was pleased to sponsor Shahzed's air fare to Japan to the extent of Rs. 10,000. September 19, 1996 Mr. Vishal Dayaram Parmar was conferred upon with Priyadarshni's Supertex Foundation Scholarship, and received Rs. 5,000 as cash prize.

April 28, 1996

Priyadarshni Academy was pleased to sponsor an amount of Rs.5,000/- for the Leadership Camp on Workers Literacy Programme from 28 April, 1996 to 30 April, 1996 at K. C. College Holiday Home, Lonavala. The camp was organised to train the teachers and student leaders scheduled to take up this project during the Academic Year 1996-1997. The Speakers for the Camp were drawn from the Industry who also included eminent Social Workers.