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YEAR - 1990

One of the successful efforts of Priyadarshni Academy was to organise a dance ballet 'Durga' by the renowned artiste Hema Malini and her troupe. This was done in collaboration with Jaya Charity Home in aid of 'Niwara' the Home for the Aged.

Ms. Hema Malini was presented with a trophy by Priyadarshni Academy for her varied achievements as a dancer. Mr. Nana Chudasama, Sheriff of Bombay was given a memento and Mr. Bhushan Lakandri, a silver medal in recognition for his talent. On this occasion, a souvenir was released by Mr. V.K. Saraf, Director General of Police, Maharashtra.

The Academy provided financial help of Rs. 6,000/- to Vljay Merchant Rehabilitation Centre for the Disabled for setting up a telephone booth for a handicapped (polio-affected) girl, Miss Sangeeta Jadhav, which will enable her to earn her livelihood.

Chairman Nanik Rupani announced that the Academy would sponsor 25 more booths for the handicapped this year. Indian businessmen Mr. Chandru Punjabee, Mr. Chandru Pahuja and Mr. Rupani himself spontaneously offered to donate expenses for five booths each, while non-resident Indian, Mr. Vashu Shroff, who was present, said he would donate 10 booths.

In February 1990, the Academy presented a colour -T.V. set to the Society for Children's Development at Dharavi.

To encourage dance among Sindhi children, the Academy is providing grant in aid up to Rs. 1,000/-.per month for a year to the Ulhasnagar Balkan-Ji-Bari Trust. The grant is utilised to remunerate the teachers conducting dance classes at Ulhasnagar. It became operative for a year with effect from May 1, 1990.

Janata Seva Mandal, a public library at Lalbaug, Bombay is given financial assistance since 1989 every month for purchasing periodicals, books and magazines.

The NRI Co-ordination Committee of Priyadarshni Academy was set up in this year.

The Chairman of the Academy, Mr. Nanik Rupani, accompanied by General Secretary, Mr. Chandru Puniabee, Mr. Vijay Kamdar and Mr. Dhirubhai Valia paid a goodwill visit to Dubai from May 4,1990, where they held meetings with over 150 NRls based in Dubai such as Mr. Vashu Shroff, Mr. Murij Manghnani, Mr. Ram Buxani, Mr. Lakho Lulla, Mr. Pishu Prakash and Mr. Bhagwan Jethwani. Thereafter, Mr. Rupani visited Hongkong from May 24, 1990 to May 27, 1990 where he met Mr. Bob Harilela, Mr. George Harilela, JP, Mr. K. Sitai and Mr. Shyam Chugh.

This was followed by Mr. Rupani's visit to Singapore from May 28,1990 to June 1, 1990 where he met Mr. Nathumal Chairman of Sharada Trading Group, Mr. Tikem Mulani and several others. They all felt the need of a Committee, which would give coherent expression to their welfare activities in India. Thus came into being the NRI Co-ordination Committee of which Mr. Chandrr Punjabee is the Convener and Mr. Vijay Kamdar, the Joint Convenor. Other members of the committee are: Mr. Dhirubhai Valia, Mr. Narayan Varma and Mr. Suresh Sharma.