Service To Humanity Is
The Best Work Of Life

Priyadarshni Academy stands as a true example of how a socio-cultural and educational organization should function in a developing country like India with its vast social, cultural and spiritual diversity. Mr. Nanik Rupani, the Founder-Chairman now Chairman Emeritus of this institution, has the vision to help humanity right from his childhood. Over time he realized that a formal platform is essential to channelize efforts to serve humanity in a systematic and orderly way. To fulfil the desire of serving the humanity in the best way possible he founded ‘Priyadarshni Academy’.

Proudly Contributing In Shaping The Future Of India

We are proud of our students and we go above and beyond to nurture their talent. We believe in creating good human beings and inculcating in them the most important values of life that are


Trust is the foundation of human life. Various activities that are conducted by Priyadarshni Academy focus on developing the trust factor in an individual with the help of teamwork.


Priyadarshni Academy teaches that success is a measure of Humanity and not Money. The world has been built and cherished on how good one person treats another.


India is known for its scholarliness since ancient times. Priyadarshni Academy makes sure that this reputation stays intact by developing scholars from intelligent students.


Wisdom is acquired overtime. An individual can meet people from different cultural backgrounds through Priyadarshni Academy. This develops a quality of co-existing and better understanding of every human being.